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Gracie D

Grace is a TEXAS girl all the way. She jams UGK & George Strait in the same playlist ON HER WAY to the Astros game. Her BOOTS are made for walking, so that's just what she'll do at all kinds of random EVENTS around town. Got an event for Grace? Email the podcast!

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Gracie D

Natalie is a free-spirit who wears CARTOON shirts and flies KITES. As editor in chief at, she's always on the lookout for the next FRESH thing! So if you've got the drop on something DOPE, hit her up on Instagram @Natie_Fresh.

  • Instagram - Natie_Fresh
  • Instagram - Natie_Fresh
Natie Fresh
Just Luz

Luz is always searching for an ARTISTIC muse, whether through spinning VINYL records at home or talking to strangers at the park. She's charming. She's QUIRKY, and she makes these margaritas that are truly something SPECIAL. Email Luz with MUSIC and ART buzz!

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Just Luz

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Gracie D is an all-American, Texas sweetheart!
Natie Fresh is interested in anything fun and adventurous!
Luz may not have a fancy nickname but she's got plenty of personality!

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Gracie Dee, Natie Fresh, and Just Luz!

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