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Happy Barkday-Dog B-day Ideas



Hey there, fellow High Class Hounds 👋 and human counterparts!


How PAWSOME are dogs?! I know...dumb question. Dogs are great! So great, in fact, that our 2-legged grub-slingers show us love EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But there's one day that's just a little EXTRA special:

It's our BARKday!

Doggie birthdays are just like human birthdays: They happen once a year, people keep taking your picture, and they usually involve a SPECIAL treat!

"What if we don't know our dog's actual birthday?" -Kyle from Tampa🤷‍♂️

Easy. Make it up! Any day will do. Trust me: #TeamDog won't know the difference.🐕

Here are 5 fun ways to shower your fuzzy buddies with all the love and BOOPs they can handle!

1) Visit a dog park

It's no secret. Dogs like to sniff butts.👃 So you want to take them someplace where there are a lot of butts to sniff. Try out the biggest dog park in your town about an hour before sunset🌅, when there's likely to be more 4-legged visitors. Let him sniff and play until he gets tired. Then walk him outside the dog park, and find a semi-private place for the two of you to sit and rest. *Bonus Points* if you pull out the doggie donuts🍩 you had stashed in your bag. Then just kick back with little Murderface and enjoy the changing sky.👌

2) Take your dog to a bar

​Plenty of bars allow furry sidekicks to hang out with their human counterparts on outdoor patios. 🍺You can sip on a brewski while BlueDemon chomps on his favorite Kong. Some places put out dog bowls for easy water access. Others even offer treats from behind the bar. If your town's got a brewery with a beer garden out back, I'd hit that up. Sometimes they'll have food trucks, so you guys can stay and hang out for a while.😋 And hey, if your dog's cool enough, he might earn you a free beer! Happened to us, once. People love dogs, man.👍 3) Go to the beach

Not all dogs are "into" the water. 😨I'm WELL aware of that. BUT it doesn't mean they can't have a little fun in the sand while still taking in the ocean breeze. Fresh ocean air relaxes our bodies and naturally eases our minds.🏖️ The same goes for 4-legged furballs. Since they already have tons of energy to burn, what better way to tire them out than with a romp in the sand.

Pro Tip: If your buddy doesn't like the water so much, try parking away from the waves with your vehicle sitting between your chill area and the water. This way your fuzzbud can hear and smell the ocean breeze without being too close to the scary waves. Then, you can throw his favorite Spongebob toy up and down the beach, inching closer and closer to the water without little Pickleprick even noticing. Who knows, maybe after you tire him out, he might be open to a relaxing walk a little bit closer to the water. Maybe.

4) Visit the Pet Store or Pet Spa

Bigger pet stores will often have free pet training evaluations, and they've always got treats for your pup to munch on while you shop.

Fit your little animal for a hoodie or buy him a sheepskin harness cover. Personalize some dog tags in one of those machines for fifteen bucks. You don't even have to buy anything if you don't want. Just walk around the place.🚶🐕Your dog will get to sniff some butts and try out some beds. You'll get some much-needed exercise. It's really a win-win.

Look up doggie spas in your area. Yes, they exist! Consider ordering your pup some high-class spa treatments, including a cucumber facial, full-body massage, and a mani-pedi. 💅

5) Cook a meal or prepare a dessert

When's the last time you cooked a meal or made a special dessert especially for your hairy roommate? While we may be used to the occasional table scraps, we are equally ecstatic when our bowl is filled with a tasty, foreign treat. If you REALLY wanna get down in the kitchen, I'd suggest this doggo cookbook from Amazon.

It's got easy-to-follow recipes that are both delicious and healthy for your pooch.

If you want to start off with something easy, here's a popsicle recipe from my Uncle Pete, who gives these to his prize Gotti's, and I have witnessed them first-hand go legit ape-sh!t for these things.

Uncle Pete's "Gotti Pops" -Peanut Butter Banana

What you need ⦁ 5 cups of yogurt, plain, unsweetened ⦁ 4 extra-ripe bananas, smashed ⦁ 3 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter How you get it done ⦁ Mix everything with a fork in a mixing bowl ⦁ Add teaspoons of water if too thick ⦁ Spoon mixture into ice cube tray ⦁ Freeze for 2-3 hours, or until firm What you get out of it ⦁ About 16 popsicles ⦁ Stores for 2 weeks in the freezer!

*BONUS* 6) Read this book

Seriously, this book had me all UP in my feelings. It gets to the down-and-dirty about the unique relationship between humans and animals. The perspective is amazing, the writing is clean, and the feels are oh, so REAL.


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About the Author:

Sam Dizzle is a furry canine who's into boat rides and licking freshly-caught fish. He's one-part Chinese sharpei and one-part bloodhound. He's lived a wild and crazy life, by human OR dog standards, but is now thoroughly enjoying an easy retirement✌️. Sammy likes going for walks on the beach and the smell of stinky socks🧦. If he could be a superhero, he would probably be The Flash⚡ because of the way he SHOOTS across the yard after the mail truck. His favorite movie of all time is "All Dogs go to Heaven," and he'll swear he's never cried at the end, but that's a load of 💩! Catch his weekly "High Class Hounds" blog and follow him on Instagram @highclasshounds to have YOUR High Class Hound featured!


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