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"Zoo Lights" in Houston (w/ Video)

In case you haven't heard, the Houston Zoo is LIT this holiday season! The 55-acre animal sanctuary and park has been transformed into a winter wonderland of Christmas lights and glowing animal displays.

Feast your eyes on the splash of color across the entire zoo, from the Enchanted Forest to the GIANT Christmas Tree.

The real animals may be sleeping, but there are plenty of LIGHT animals to get up close and personal.

Hey! Are you a fan of TUNNELS OF LIGHT? Well, you're in luck!

Admission is only $22.95, a great price to pay for more than an hour of colorful, well-lit family fun.

👇Peep the video below👇

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🤘Natie Fresh has got you covered on that Houston-ish🤘Keep it fresh, yall.


Natie Fresh

Freelance writer, poetry-slanger, and Oxford-comma advocate, Natalie "Natie Fresh" is a co-host and producer of the Houstonish Podcast. She sometimes travels outside of H-Town and when she does, she blogs about that, too. Got an idea for the Houstonish Blog? Email

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