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Trap Happy-A Pink Trap House Story


"Trap Happy"

Move over T.I.

There's a new hip-hop hood father in town!

This summer, 2 Chainz returned to his hometown of Atlanta to promote his newest album "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music."

He had a listening party inside of a rented-out "Trap House" he painted pink.

That same location was also turned into a free HIV clinic and a "Trap Church,"

which was not at all what I was picturing. Real talk, I was imagining somethin like this: 👇🏽

But the real "Trap Church" was way more chill and they went HARD for the culture,

reciting rap lyrics and raising power fists.

photo by IG: lofi.visuals

With the help of Spotify, 2 Chainz also opened up a pop-up "Trap Salon" that was actually pretty damn hood chic!

photo by IG: naildbytammy

It had pink walls, Asian ladies doin' nails.

There were styrofoam cups in the air and trap music bangin' over the speakers.

You know, the kinda shit you'd expect to find at a place that calls itself a "trap salon."

The Pink Trap House on Howell Mill Road was originally rented just for the listening party, but they kept it open the rest of the month as a paid local art gallery and photo op.

Thousands of people stopped by over the weeks to take a picture in front of what 2 Chainz's manager, Coach Tek, called "the first hip-hop monument of Atlanta."

It took NO TIME for old people, babies, and dogs to start taking selfies and twerking for the Gram in front of the pink house. There's an IG "@pinktraphouse" with hundreds of pics and vids of people smiling, chunkin' the deuce, dabbin', shootin' music videos, and more.

photo by IG: starr_oftheshow

photo by IG: its.shaeway

Then there's some mad artistic stuff like...

photo by IG: @zoo_as_zoo

mixed with a little bit of strange,

and of course, a dash of What in Jesus Name?!

The lease to the house was up around July 4th, but there were no fireworks over this "monument." It was quietly painted over, leaving only a ghost-white background for sad selfies.

The landlord denied the crew an extension due to complaints. But as one of the property owners told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “You have to give them credit. They did a pretty good job handling complaints and adding security when needed.” Despite the efforts, which even included plans for a parking lot out back to ease traffic, the "Pink Trap House" received an official expiration date that came and went.

2 Chainz scores mad creative points for the way he promoted this album.

With all of that trending news and hype, the album "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music" hit number 1 on Billboard's Rap Albums list.

He went on tour across the country, performing on stages designed to look like pink trap houses.

And he did it from a pink wheelchair after he broke his leg.

Hustle game strong y'all.💪🏽

Hopefully, this'll motivate other artists to step their creative game UP☝🏽! I heard a lil RUMOR that the Salsa Trap House might be opening up RIGHT HERE in H-Town. Mayne, I'd like to see

"The Purple Perm" - (beauty salerrrn)


"Puff Puff Po" - (sip n smoke)

Aaayy, Paul Wall, I'm lookin' at you, cuz.😁

Sip syrup, swang & bang,

jam nothing but that screw, fool!

👍🏽Share with your trap stars👍🏽



About the Author:

Ezequiel "Ziggy" Green is the little cousin of a pretty famous Houston rapper🎤(no, it's not that one), and he's been ghostwriting👻 tracks since he was 15. Zig won't go anywhere without a longboard in his hand and a blunt behind his ear👂🏼. You can always count on him for a light🔥, or even just some genuinely decent perspective👌. He's a good listener & is seriously blunt AF (pun intended). He's also the Editor in Chief at StoneDart Magazine, a "highly" entertaining collection of random dopeness. Coolio factoid: Ziggy's somewhat hood-famous for his crawfish tamales and his homemade sweet potato pie🥧


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