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Acid Trip...Right Meow Wolf👇


"Acid Trip...Right Meow Wolf👇 - Santa Fe's Funhouse"

First, you're standing under a GIANT ROBOT outside of what Jignesh (the Uber dude) called

"the old bowling alley, man," which is just a plain old white building on the outside...

Big ass robot outside of Meow Wolf in Santa Fe

But on the inside... You're looking at Funky-bright walls and walking on neon carpets!

Next thing you know, you've got on 3D glasses walking down a psychedelic hallway,

You go through a door,

and BAM!

​Welcome to frickin' Wonderland, Alice!

fuzzy balls, flowers, and fluorescents

There's no easy way to describe it. It's a 2-story, fully-furnished house with trap doors & secret passages that lead out into a world of insane visual art and interactive music installations.

worms on the ceiling

The whole thing's a visual mind f*ck that feels like a super rad

Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, and Pee-wee's Playhouse lucid dream.

neon underwater scene

Santa Fe, NM is home to this trippy art complex known as


which is named after the artist collective that put it together.

big ass wolf outside

These wild ones are responsible for other gnarly STUFF LIKE THIS and also THIS IN SAN ANTONIO. They directed THIS UNUSUAL MUSIC VIDEO and the rap trio "Migos" filmed parts OF A MUSIC VIDEO at the very same

Meow Wolf Art Complex.

some crazy mechanical egg capsule

The 2-story house I mentioned earlier...that's the

"House of Eternal Return,"

and it's just one of many exhibits housed inside this interactive play place.

(Video Credit--> Youtube: Natie Fresh)

There's a giant laser harp and dinosaur bones you can actually play music with, a tree house to veg out in, and a coin-operated retro arcade! There's lights and a stage and wild performances on the regular.

katerussellphoto "In camera ... thanks wise fool for the time and energy yesterday."

Several artists had a hand in creating this cornucopia of euphoria, and they must have had access to some damn good kush because HOLY BALLS! This place looks cray!

China town view from the 2nd floor

The whole complex was shut down early February 2018 for just 2 weeks as it underwent some major renovations, including adding extra rooms and another portal! But it's all open again and ready for action.

this furry guy's eyes kept digitally changing

The guy who helped 💲financially💲 back the project is George R.R. Martin, author of


who practiced a hands-off, sit back-&-trust-the-artists approach.

the original gangster

Now, "Why tf Santa Fe," you ask?

Well apparently, Santa Fe has an interesting & abundant art community.

Turns out Santa Fe keeps it weird too!

(mural artist: John Pugh)


A SECOND Meow Wolf is opening in Las Vegas in 2019!


A THIRD Meow Wolf is opening in Denver in 2020!

But for now, you can visit the newly renovated Santa Fe Meow Wolf for all the coolness it has to offer...which is a LOT.

Here's some good stuff to Know:

🍸There's a bar inside the lobby✔️

🚬 In/out privileges all day with your $20 admission✔️

🌮 There are food trucks outside in the parking lot✔️

🚂 It's only a $5, 90-min train ride from Albuquerque to Santa Fe✔️ 🍺 There's a bar inside the lobby✔️✔️

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Click the link to the video below to see more



Spoiler Alert Level: *LOW*

Really, though, What are you waiting for?

Go! Get visually penetrated!

​👍Share with your psychedelic sidekick! 👍



​About The Author:

80's baby / 90's kid, Charles "Chux" don Román was raised on Nintendo🕹️ & Little Ceasars🍕. He likes taking pictures of graffiti and all-around "fly ish." He's equally impressive and embarrassing. He'll do a Rubix cube in front of you, then turn around and "raise the roof" to celebrate.🤦 He's got a rad-ass toy room, though, & his Ninja Turtle loot could make Splinter do backflips🐀. He runs the weekly art blog UpChuxWhen I asked him to describe his style he said: "I like shit that looks good and feels right." First of all☝️: That's what she said. Secondly✌️: Sounds like appealing content to me.


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