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White Girl Wonders... "What's YEET?"

White Girl Wonders

What TF is

-> YEET<-

"I got an extra back-stage pass! Want it?" "YEET!!!"

Who's started "Yeet"?

"Yeet" actually started as a dance in 2014, during the old Vine days. There are conflicting stories about how or why it popped back up in the middle of 2018, but here we are.

Who's saying Yeet?

Happy people. Excited people. Agreeable people.👌Who's saying Yeet?Happy people. Excited people. Agreeable people.👌

👍Share with all your BFF's👍

🌼Daisy Dork🤓


About the Author:​​

Daisy made the Dean's List our Senior year and we've been calling her a dOrK ever since🤓. Now she runs the @word_dork Twitter page, which has hundreds of tweets, hardly any followers, but plenty of relatable, um, silver...🤷. She hangs with a bunch of rambunctious teenagers and often finds herself drowning in NEW SLANG. So, she started the "White GirlWonders" series to help others get a grip on all the NEW NEW going on out there.


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