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About the Site sources only the

most appealing

photos on the net


pairs them with:

edgy writing,

chill beats,

hella swag.

Basically, we prefer shit that looks good.

About the Readers

Our appealing mass of sophisticated sloshbags 

really digs

visually stimulating


mentally invigorating content

along with, of course, 


healthy splash of debauchery.

And for this, we are evergreen grateful.

About the Crew

Click an image to view bio

Ziggy Green editor/contributor

Natie Fresh


Chux Román


Daisy Dork


Sam Dizzle


Our Contributors work for peanuts. And, we're talking the cheap, uncracked, unsalted ones. We're not sure why they stick aroundbut we're glad they do. They're the type that are never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and desert you.

*Unfortunately we are NOT currently considering new elephants for our free-range exotic circus, but that can always change.*

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