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Risky Adventures


"Risky Adventures - 5 Ultimate Experiences"

You can get killed all kinds of stupid ways, like slipping on laundry detergent or changing a lightbulb💡. I say, SCREW THAT! 😏 If I'm gonna go out, it better be by doing something EXTREME! I want to be amped up on adrenaline, capturing the craziest action shots with my GoPro, having the time of my life...or death, as it may be. 🤷

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm just as concerned for my safety as the next reasonably sane adventurist. But that being said, there's just SOMETHING about getting into an activity that... you KNOW...took someone out. I mean, think about it: This was the very last thing this person did, the last ultimate high, the last "FUCK YEAH" before the big "FUCK NO!"

I don't know why, but there's magic in that. Stepping onto that same platform, ignoring all the dangers, and diving in with those same monsters... Just flipping the bird to Old Man Death and crossing your fingers the adventure gods are pleased by your bravery🤞.

If you're down for a challenge, I'd recommend trying all 5 of these things at least once☝️. Here is a list of several activities for the wild-at-heart, which may-or-may-not have given someone before you an actual wild-at-heart-attack. So be sure to have your life insurance in order before venturing out on any of these death-defying adventures.👌

But seriously, don't let any of that stop YOU from getting your VAYCRAY on.

1) Hike to Ooh Aah Point

view of the Grand Canyon from the river

The Location🗺️: Grand Canyon, South Rim - South Kaibab Trail

The Story (in a nutshell🌰): A woman was hiking the trail, inexplicably slipped, and fell right off the cliff.

The Takeaway: Splurge and get the good hiking boots...the waterproof ones with the grip.👉 Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot or Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Multifunctional Hiking Boot

2) Raft a Raging River

white-water rafting royal gorge

The Location🗺️: Brown's Canyon, about 60 miles up-river from the Royal Gorge in Colorado.

The Story (in a nutshell🌰): A boy was thrown into the water during a rafting trip, a VERY COMMON occurrence. But instead of floating back to the surface, his shoe got caught under a rock and he drowned.

The Takeaway: I'd suggest having some heavy-duty, lace-less water shoes that are lightweight and easy to swim in. These are the ones I've worn through MULTIPLE adventures👉: Merrell Women's Waterproof Maipo Water Shoe 👌

3) Zipline over the Jungle

The Location🗺️: Roatan, Honduras

The Story (in a nutshell🌰): One of the ziplines suddenly snapped at Gumbalimba Park, sending a woman falling to the floor. The video above was taken at South Shore Zip Line, which, IMHO has WAY better views.👌

The Takeaway: All you can do is research the tour company you plan to zip with, and beyond that, I guess wear your lucky socks.🧦 Speaking from personal experience, tho 👉: South Shore Zip Line

4) Swim with Stingrays

The Location🗺️: Stingray City, Grand Cayman Islands

The Story (in a nutshell🌰): Famous wildlife wrangler, Steve Irwin, was pierced through the heart by a stingray's tail during a routine taping in Australia.

The Takeaway: While rays ARE capable of cold-blooded killing, it's only when they're feeling threatened. So, my suggestion is: don't just go around threatening stingrays, okay?🤷😂 Also, maybe have some STINGRAY FOOD handy, like squid, to let them know FOR-A-FACT you're not a threat. 👌


tandem skydive landing

The Location🗺️: ALL THE WAY UP ☝️

The Story (in a nutshell🌰): There's a company in Rosharon, Tx that's seen a total of 9 skydiving related deaths on its property since 2000.

The Takeaway: Well, my jump went alright.🤷 But actually, this is about right there along with the national rate of skydiving deaths, which is apparently a lot. Oh, but the RUSH!

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-Natie Fresh ✌️


About the Author:

Natalie "Natie Fresh" Ortiz likes to spend her money on donuts🍩 and plane tickets. She's a low-key bad ass who's hiked an active volcano🌋, swum with stingrays🏊, jumped out of an airplane🛩️, and white-water-rafted thru the Grand Canyon🚣. Her taste for adrenaline is like my taste for chocolate lava cake with a scoop of Blue Bell homemade vanilla 🍨...oh👏so👏strong👏and👏without👏end👏😋. Each week, she lyrically transports us thru an outrageous adventure via her travel blog, "VayCray." Money-saving tips included free of charge✌️.


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