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Stingray City (w/ Video)

"Stingray City"

What's big, rubbery, slippery, and could potentially kill you? I'll give you a hint: It's not an elephant in the bathtub🐘!

About a mile out into the turquoise waters of the 🌊Caribbean lies a sandbar, BUT NOT JUST ANY SANDBAR! It's a death-defying💀 area of water where DOZENS of predators gather to feed. And if you don't mind being booty-bumped by a few of them, you can pay someone to take you out there to take pictures with them!

Stingray via Wix photo

It's called Stingray City, located just off Grand Cayman Island and only accessible by boat or jet ski. Every day, charter boats from several different companies are loaded with tourists and they're taken out to the sandbar. Some tours include additional stops for snorkeling and visits to Starfish Island.

Starfish on Beach via Unsplash @peterlaster

No matter which option you go with, the ride out to see the rays is beautiful😍. The water changes color the further out the boat goes. It starts off green...emerald at first, but then it eases into a softer sea-foam, and later, transitions to aquamarine blue goodness.👌

view from back of boat via IG: @natie_fresh

Looking back to shore as you pull away from land, the intense greens in the water against the cyan sky makes you wonder if your eyes have been holding out on you all these years! The colors are simply majestic, and if you opt for the "Sunset Tour," the pictures you will go home with will be...🔥🔥🔥!

sunset via unsplash @sgabriel

While it's possible to venture out on your own to Stingray City, it is HIGHLY recommended that you pay for the guide. These guys know the area, the tricks to interacting with these fickle creatures, and they also provide the squid for you to feed them.

(YES, you get to feed them!)

Tours and prices vary, but check it out...I made a TABLE👇

(clicking a link in the table opens a new browser)

(All prices and info obtained from

These playful things really are a blast to swim around with. They slide up against your legs like a slippery cat and slurp the squid right from your hands. Yeah, it's a little freaky, but don't let that keep YOU from having a fan-freakin-tastic VayCRAY!

Like GamGam would always say...YOLO!

-Natie Fresh✌️

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About the Author:

Natalie "Natie Fresh" Ortiz likes to spend her money on donuts🍩 and plane tickets. She's a low-key bad ass who's hiked an active volcano🌋, swum with stingrays🏊, jumped out of an airplane🛩️, and white-water-rafted thru the Grand Canyon🚣. Her taste for adrenaline is like my taste for chocolate lava cake with a scoop of Blue Bell homemade vanilla 🍨...oh👏so👏strong👏and👏without👏end👏😋. Each week, she lyrically transports us thru an outrageous adventure via her travel blog, "VayCray." Money-saving tips included free of charge✌️


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