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Cave Rentals

We've come a long way from the caves of yesterday. These Air BnB caves are roomy, funky, and some offer incredible views of the mountainside. Pack your bags for a truly unique experience.

3 BR, 1 Bath, 6 guests

Large unique apartment in downtown Provo, walking distance from restaurants, bakeries, and more $115 avg/night.....Book here: Air BnB Booking- Provo, UT

1 BR, 1 Bath, 2 guests

Clifftop cave with a hot tub and breathtaking views

$790 avg/night......Book here: AirBnB Booking - Bilpin, Australia

1 BR, 1 Bath, 2 guests

Cave with pearl white walls and an indoor/outdoor jacuzzi on the hillside

$320 avg/night.....Book here: Air BnB Booking - Santorini, Egeo, Greece

4 BR, 4 Bath, 4 beds, 16+ guests

Full house, 6,000 sq ft. of space, built right into the rock, perfect for large groups

$1,416 avg/night.....Book Here: AirBnB Booking - Parthenon, AR

2 BR, 2 Bath, 3 beds, 5 guests Splash pool, amazing views, and locally-sourced breakfast is included $451 avg/night......Book here: AirBnB Booking - Oia, Cyclades, Greece

1 BR, 1 Baths, 6 beds, 6 guests

Relaxing cliffside cave with modest accommodations

$74 avg/night....Book here: AirBnB Booking - Artenara, Canarias, Spain


​About the Author:

Natalie "Natie Fresh" Ortiz likes to spend her money on donuts🍩 and plane tickets. She's a low-key bad ass who's hiked an active volcano🌋, swum with stingrays🏊, jumped out of an airplane🛩️, and white-water-rafted thru the Grand Canyon🚣. Her taste for adrenaline is like my taste for chocolate lava cake with a scoop of Blue Bell homemade vanilla 🍨...oh👏so👏strong👏and👏without👏end👏😋. Each week, she lyrically transports us thru an outrageous adventure via her travel blog, "VayCray." Money-saving tips included free of charge✌️


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