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12 Insane Urbex Photogs to Follow

Urban Exploration aka "Urbex" Photography has been sweeping social media with its extremely high resolution, gritty AF atmosphere, and a ridiculous filter game. It's the adventure trend that has finally crawled out from the underground and made a name for itself, and not a minute too soon. Seriously, who wouldn't want to spend a Saturday evening wandering around a spooky, abandoned hospital or snapping pics of an empty high school swimming pool? And the appeal isn't ONLY in taking pictures of the old, decaying houses, churches, and buildings. There's a specific beauty in immortalizing the forgotten...the cobwebs, mold, and dust. Plus, there's the extra-added rush of potentially having to run from the cops or getting slapped with a trespassing charge🤷 But hey, it's a tiny risk for some slightly creepy, but eerily beautiful photos of urban decay in its naturally decrepit environment. Check out these dope shots below, and be sure to follow these risk-taking artists on Instagram.

Urbex West

Instagram: @urbex_west


Instagram: @sophie.lenaerts1


Instagram: @laurengries


Instagram: @lacee.griff


Instagram: @infphy_

Instagram: @infphy_

Keith Terra

Instagram: @k_terra

Greg Abandoned

Instagram: @greg_abandoned

Gabby Angelina

Instagram: @gabby_angelina


Instagram: @_ghstface

Country Urbex

Instagram: @country_urbex


Instagram: @104b0


Instagram: @__tonic__

Instagram: @__tonic__

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​About the Author:

80's baby / 90's kid, Charles "Chux" don Román was raised on Nintendo🕹️ & Little Ceasars🍕. He likes taking pictures of graffiti and all-around "fly ish." He's equally impressive and embarrassing. He'll do a Rubix cube in front of you, then turn around and "raise the roof" to celebrate.🤦 He's got a rad-ass toy room, though, & his Ninja Turtle loot could make Splinter do backflips🐀. When I asked him to describe his style he said: "I like shit that looks good and feels right." First of all☝️: That's what she said. Secondly✌️: Sounds like appealing content to me.


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