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Banned Books Building


"Banned Books Building - Ban This🖕"

This grandma in Germany just finished building a life-size replica of the Parthenon out of banned books. And she did it on the exact spot Nazis burned some of those very same titles.

Talk about a true bad ass.

For weeks, Marta Minujín and company have been accepting books from a long list of titles that have been banned somewhere at some time.

Hundreds of people donated to the project, and after about 100,000 books, the giant structure was completed.

It stands as a giant middle finger to the BS practice of banning writings and persecuting authors.

I can dig that.

Marta was behind a similar project back in '83 in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The country had just broken free from a dictatorship, and the 25,000 books she used were ones that had only just been unbanned. According to, it stood as a "monument to the restoration of democracy" in Argentina.

But just like Argentina's military dictatorship, this temporary art project, too, was dismantled. "With the help of two cranes, the structure was leant[sic] over to one side, allowing the public to remove the books."

The current project in Kassel didn't get the crane-tilt treatment, but on the second day of the dismantling, an awesome rainbow positioned itself over the monument in spectacular fashion.

The whole project was taken apart book by book and all titles were redistributed to the community.

Power to the people!

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