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Insane 3D Graffiti

This artist from Greece has revolutionized the graffiti game with his double exposure 3D murals that you ACTUALLY need 3D Glasses to see properly. He goes by the name "Insane 51" and his murals can be found all over the world. His more recent work involves using Red & Blue paint to create two separate paintings right on top of each other. When you look at it through 3D glasses, the painting takes on a different perspective, and the details of both murals become visible.

Instagram: Insane51

Some of the murals are GINORMOUS, which allows the artist to add more detail. In the photo below, you can barely make out the two life-sized humans standing in front of this giant work of art.

Instagram: Insane51

The murals are GRAND, in scale as well as appearance. The side of this 5-story office building has been completely transformed into a scene from a magical realism love story.

Instagram: Insane51

The mural is beautiful as it stands, but the artist explains one important thing about this particular piece of artwork: "It's only complete when merged." With a little bit of Photoshop, the mural can be seen in its "complete" form. The two characters are shown embracing, which makes their physical separation on the wall all-the-more symbolic albeit tragically poetic.

Instagram: Insane51

If you think THAT'S insane, check out Insane51's other work on Instagram @insane51 and Facebook @insane51art

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About the Author:

80's baby / 90's kid, Charles "Chux" don Román was raised on Nintendo🕹️ & Little Ceasars🍕. He likes taking pictures of graffiti and all-around "fly ish." He's equally impressive and embarrassing. He'll do a Rubix cube in front of you, then turn around and "raise the roof" to celebrate.🤦 He's got a rad-ass toy room, though, & his Ninja Turtle loot could make Splinter do backflips🐀. When I asked him to describe his style he said: "I like shit that looks good and feels right." First of all☝️: That's what she said. Secondly✌️: Sounds like appealing content to me.

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