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"Food Fun"


"Food Fun"

I remember being smacked in the head by a flying chancla for playing tamale Jenga. "If God wanted you to play with it, he would have named it JUEGOS." "But, Mamá..." "No! Pues, are you telling me God's wrong then?"

Wait, what?! 😂

Sheeeiiitt, when it comes to my mom, Homey don't play that!

But I guess, in all fairness, my mashed potato mountains weren't ONE-TENTH as dazzling as these delicious works of art by Samantha Lee.

Get jiggy with the video below.



Artist: Samantha Lee Instagram: leesamantha

Video/Music produced by: AppealingContent



Thanks to the artist, Samantha Lee, for the use of all photos🙌.

Follow her on Instagram: leesamantha

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-Chux Román


About the author:

80's baby / 90's kid, Charles "Chux" don Román was raised on Nintendo🕹️ & Little Ceasars🍕. He likes taking pictures of graffiti and all-around "fly ish." He's equally impressive and embarrassing. He'll do a Rubix cube in front of you, then turn around and "raise the roof" to celebrate.🤦 He's got a rad-ass toy room, though, & his Ninja Turtle loot could make Splinter do backflips🐀. When I asked him to describe his style he said: "I like shit that looks good and feels right." First of all☝️: That's what she said. Secondly✌️: Sounds like appealing content to me.


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