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Houston Astros Gear 2019

Baseball season is FINALLY here, and we've got our HOUSTONISH top picks for this season! From shirts to earrings to tumblers, we've put together your comprehensive list of fabulous fan gear for the Astros 2019 season, AND you can feel good about your purchase because all of these items are made and sold by the artists themselves. As I always say, "Look good. Do good. Feel good." Okay, yeah, I never say that, but hey, Go Stros! (I apologize in advance if the items have already sold out!)

Disclosure: The listings on this page contain links to, and by clicking these links and making a purchase, I could earn affiliate income, at absolutely no cost to you. Learn More

Yeti Tumbler

Astros Yeti cup, white, orange, yellow, red with blue star and customizable name/number

This is an authentic 30 oz. Yeti Rambler. It's got that throwback feel with the bright Astros colors, AND it's fully CUSTOMIZABLE!  This baby will keep your drink at the right temperature for HOURS...definitely through the length of a baseball game.

You can purchase it here at : ASTROS YETI RAMBLER 30 OZ

Houston Astros Dog Collar (Customizable)

There's no reason our furry friends can't get in on the Astros action! Whether you're taking your fuzzy buddy down to Little Woodrows or just hanging out at the park, he or she will be the talk of the town with this extra-stylish, personalized Astros dog collar. Now Fido can represent the home team like a true Houstonian.

Astros Lips Drips V-Neck Shirt

If you want a shirt that is one-part dangerous and two-parts sexy, this is the one! Astros logo as lipstick!? Yes, PLEASE!

Astros Camo Shirt

If you absolutely LOVE the 'Stros, this is the perfect shirt for you. This unique design is sure to attract attention from Astros fans of all kinds.

Get it here at: Astros Camo Shirt

Houstonian Sunset Tank

This Tank Top will keep you cool during the hot Houston summers, and there won't be ANY doubt about what city you call home. The skyline, the Astros doesn't get any better than that.

Buy it here at: Sunset Houstonian Tank

DJ Mattress Mack

Mattress Mack has been "saving you money" for decades. It only makes sense that he's spinning turn tables in his Astros jersey. I'd be highly disappointed if this wasn't EXACTLY how you're greeted when you walk into a Gallery Furniture.

Order yours today at: DJ Mattress Mack

Astros Zip-up Crop Top

This comfy cotton zip-up is a rare vintage find. It's cute. It's bright. But there's ONLY ONE LEFT....and it's an Adult Small. Sorry if that doesn't work out for you, and YAY if it does!

Find them at: Astros Zip-up Crop Top

Astros Purse/Crossbody Bag

You can put almost anything in this Astros bag, AND it follows the Minute Maid bag policy (We checked). So, take it to the Astros game, take it to little league or take it to brunch. This bag will look great no matter where it follows you.

Purchase it here at: Astros Purse/Crossbody Bag

Astros Players Earrings

Earrings are a great way to wear your favorite player on your head, without committing to a full-on face tattoo. Each pair can be customized to be just about any player you want. For pierced ears only.

Purchase these at: Astros Players Earrings

H is in the Heart

These t-shirts come in both white and black. They've got the Astros H, the orange star, and a sparkly blue and orange heart. Talk about an H-Town tri-fecta.

Grab this awesomeness here: H is in the Heart

Houston Map Rocks Glass

You don't have to be into cartography to appreciate this drinking glass. It's called a "Rocks Glass" as in "bourbon on-the-rocks," but pretty much any beverage would create a unique background for this finely etched  map of Houston.

Get yours today from: Houston Maps Rocks Glass

Houston Astros Texas Glitter Shirt

A giant glitter Texas and a heart where Houston would be. Need I say more?! Well how about we add the words "Houston Astros" in a classy font? Hey you, Texas is callin'!

These can be found at: Houston Astros Texas Glitter Shirt

Tacos H Shirt

When it's game day and you've got Tacos on the brain, you wear this shirt. It's pretty dang simple, really.

Get yours at: Tacos H Shirt

Marvin Zindler Astrodome

Houston lost Marvin Zindler more than 10 years ago, but his voice is still in our hearts. This Marvin is rockin' love for all of Houston's major sports teams, but it's the Astros colors that really stand out in this t-shirt that comes in 15 different colors. 

These can be found here at: Marvin Zindler Astrodome

Astros Chucks-style Kicks

When you want to rep the Astros from your head to your feet, these have you covered on the latter. With bright laces and crisp lettering, these shoes will look good with jeans AND shorts. The seller offers both mens and womens sizes as well as multiple color options.

Get these kicks at: Astros Chucks-style Kicks

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Natie Fresh

Freelance writer, poetry-slanger, and Oxford-comma advocate, Natalie "Natie Fresh" is a co-host and producer of the Houstonish Podcast. She sometimes travels outside of H-Town and when she does, she blogs about that, too. Got an idea for the Houstonish Blog? Email

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