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Presidential Pooches

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-Sam Dizzle


About the Author:

Sam Dizzle is a furry canine who's into boat rides and licking freshly-caught fish. He's one-part Chinese sharpei and one-part bloodhound. He's lived a wild and crazy life, by human OR dog standards, but is now thoroughly enjoying an easy retirement✌️. Sammy likes going for walks on the beach and the smell of stinky socks🧦. If he could be a superhero, he would probably be The Flash⚡ because of the way he SHOOTS across the yard after the mail truck. His favorite movie of all time is "All Dogs go to Heaven," and he'll swear he's never cried at the end, but that's a load of 💩! Catch his weekly "High Class Hounds" blog and follow him on Instagram @highclasshounds to have YOUR High Class Hound featured!


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