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Containing Herb-Growing Indoors


"Containing Herb"

Two homeboys partnered up and started hustling green in Bed-Stuy. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before✋.They got some "buds" together and started "SquareRoots" an operation that includes 10 separate grow ops RIGHT in the heart of New York City.

This group LEVELED-UP city farming by:

a) taking some shipping containers

b) planting them in a parking lot

c) slangin’ veggies like crack in the 90’s!

The farmers look like regular-ass people, and the containers look like regular-ass containers

But on the inside…well that’s a different story.

It’s a grow operation, yeah. So inside you’ll find the usual: pumps, fans, filters, lights. But these are NOT your average grow ops. The pumps, fans, and filters are state-of-the-art. The lights are high-powered PINK string LED’s that hang from the ceiling.

Grow Tip #1:

👉It's a good idea to use these "pink" LED's because they've been proven to create an INSANELY high yield. They're actually red and blue LED's set REALLLLYYY close together👌

Everything is planted in vertical partitions that also hang from the ceiling.

Grow Tip #2:

Using a vertical grow system maximizes lighting coverage while minimizing the overall SPACE required per plant.

More space => More🌱 => More💲

The whole set-up is designed to make LOADS of product.

Rows and rows of pink-lit greens fill these containers, and since they’re being grown indoors, farmers can grow ANYTHING they want...

...during ANY season.

They use dehumidifiers to control the moisture in the air and can mimic whatever environment they want, through airflow. A single container can produce the same as a 2-acre farm and there are NO PESTICIDES needed inside these ORGANIC GARDENS.👍

Grow Tip #3:

Set up a REVERSE OSMOSIS water system to quickly and easily send the highest-quality filtered WATER to your plants.

These gardens are often referred to as the future of urban farming because they're efficient AF, and virtually anyone can get down!

Here's some more good-ass info about this project: "The Future of Food grows in a Brooklyn Shipping Container" by A. Gatto

Did I forget mention YOU TOO can go eggplant-deep into the operation?! They periodically accept applications to become a farmer at their New York location. Or you can tour the place and take HELLA notes.

​Either way, check their website for details


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About the Author:

Ezequiel "Ziggy" Green is the little cousin of a pretty famous Houston rapper🎤(no, it's not that one), and he's been ghostwriting👻 guys' tracks since he was 15. Zig won't go anywhere without a longboard in his hand and a blunt behind his ear👂🏼. You can always count on him for a light🔥, or even just some genuinely decent perspective👌. He's a good listener & is seriously blunt AF (pun intended). He's also the Chief Editor at StoneDart Magazine, a "highly" entertaining collection of random dopeness. Coolio factoid: Ziggy's somewhat hood-famous for his crawfish tamales and his homemade sweet potato pie🥧.


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